Published June 10, 2020

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This guide contains a simple and easy method to buy things for free from ebay. Its totally safe and there is no risk involved.

I will try to be as short as possible, without any bullshit techniques,

ebay carding

METHOD 1 : Get things from eBay for free.

Firstly you need to register an account on ebay. Then you need to select the item you wanna buy. While buying please make sure to select the free shipping selection.

Then you will get the list of items eligible for your selections. Just search and select any item which does not have a very high price. It would be better if you select an item from China , Singapore or hong kong.

Just select an item and contact the seller of the item about the shipping of the item. If its without a tracking number then just buy the item and make a payment for it. Don’t leave a 2 feedback.

Now you would ask me a question that if its for free then why would you have to pay for it. The answer is explained below

After you buy the item and complete the whole procedure just wait for the item to reach you. Just wait for a month after you have bought the item. Once the item reaches you just file a dispute in paypal against the seller complaining that you didn’t receive the item. The seller would first say that he really sent it and it might be on its way and he would ask you to wait for a little more time.

Just tell him that you would just 1 week more and if the item still doesn’t reach you then you would like a refund. Just wait for another week and then ask for a refund. The seller will be left 3 with no other option and he would have to refund your money. If someone doesn’t make a refund then just convert the dispute into a claim. As per the ebay and paypal rules the seller will definitely make a refund.

METHOD 2 : Get things from eBay for free.

In this method I will teach you how to get big items from any part of the world without getting into any sort of trouble.

You need to buy the item as mentioned in the above method and then follow the simple steps below.

  1. Make sure that the seller is trusted and wait for the item to reach you.

  2. Once the item has reached you then just tell the buyer that the item is damaged or not in working condition.

  3. You will be asked to ship the item back to the seller.

  4. Then just take a yellow envelope or any empty box and fill it with some papers or something else.

  5. Then search for some places near to the seller's address(Use google for that).
  6. The best thing would be to fing a hotel near to the seller's address having the same zip code (Make sure to find any place having the same zip code only)

  7. Now just send your envelope or package to that address.

  8. Make sure to get a tracking number from the company by which you sent the package.

  9. After that just file a dispute in paypal stating that the item you got is damaged.

  10. Then paypal would ask you for a tracking number to make sure that you have the item back.

  11. Give them the tracking number you got and once the item is delivered paypal would get a 5 conformation from the courier company and you will get your money back.

Thanks for reading this guide, I hope now you can give it a try according to this guide and get products for free.


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