Verizon Carding Method with cc tutorial.

Updated Jan 21, 2021

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Welcome to Verizon 2020 carding tutorial, Have you ever tried to card Verizon or you have be thinking on how you can do it but you don't now how to do it. in our today's article we will learn how to purchase products on Verizon as a Pro carder.

Beginning carders ask me: how quickly buy Iphone or Macbook with cc? Today I will teach you about 7 easy steps on how to card Verizon.
We will buy iphone 11 pro from Verizon, using the purchased CC

Verizon carding tutorial

Before you can use my method successfully, you need to have all the required tools from the right source. It will aid your successful cashout without chargeback or any other hitches.


  2. BINS: 552176, 529113, 545950 Get cc fullz from us.




Getting started with Verizon Carding.

  1. STEP 1
    Go over to and browse around a little on the site like a regular customer would.

  2. STEP 2
    Search “Iphone XS Max” for example, 11 Pro Max’s go for the highest as of right now, but iPhone XS Max’s got next morning shipping, Pro Max’s don’t yet

  3. STEP 3 Click on the phone you want
    Go for highest GBs (512)
    Go for best selling color (Gold or Green)
    Click “Shipping”
    “New Number” - Yes
    Add-ons - No
    Plan - Choose whatever plan
    Once in cart, you could either add another line or just keep 1, how ever many you want it’s all up to you..I usually do 2

  4. STEP 4
    Secure Checkout > Enter Fullz Name & for email use one you’ve made and have access to, for phone # use text now number. > Credit Check: Enter all fullz details, F&L Name, DOB, SSN, FOR ADDRESS USE THE ONE YOU ARE GOING TO USE FOR PHONES TO GET SHIPPED TO > Run credit Check, If approved you will be asked to fax 2 documents to the fax # provided, A DL & Utility bill

  5. STEP 5
    Get the documents made FOR DL OR ID: USE ALL FULLZ DETAILS BUT ADDRESS. THE ADDRESS ON DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE YOUR DROP , DL NUMBER OR PICTURE DOSENT MATTER. Once you have them made go over to it’s a free online fax service, put your documents on there, for sender use fullz name, for receiver name put “Verizon” and for the Fax # use the one provided from verizon site that they gave you, for the subject part put the application # they gave you u also Wait 30mins...

  6. STEP 6
    Call verizon and change your voice as if you were the fullz holder & tell them that you recently submitted documents for credit check & you wanted to see if it was confirmed..They will ask for your name, last 4 of SSN and the application number, give it to them. They will tell you whether or not you were approved, if approved kindly follow their instructions and then hang up..

  7. STEP 7
    Go back to do the first few steps all over again until you get to credit check again, run the credit check again & this time it will give you the amount you need to pay down (For 2 phones it’s usually $209) then proceed to next page, it will ask you numbers for the phones, put new numbers on all, then proceed to shipping part, click “NEXT DAY BY 10:30am” *IN ORDER TO GET THEM NEXT MORNING, YOU MUST DO THIS ALL BEFORE 11pm* proceed to the payment part, enter card details, AGREE to all the contracts & then click Next, click place order, once done you will receive a confirmation email first, about 10mins later you will receive FedEX tracking number.

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Buy carding tools